The Mall of Fan #31 Penny Postcard Art

The Mall of FanDJG

The Mall of Fan 31

The Mall of Fan 31 back

Inspiration: The Fall of Man, Uncle Sam, America, Basketball

About the Art: Money, Man, America, Manmade Goods as Gods (It’s fairly self-explanatory)

Significance of the Number: My age at the time of the card’s creation matches the card number given to me. I placed my thumb print below the number to further emphasize this as well as ideas of manmade possessions and the ability to be tracked down and owned. Also, the number is applied to the character’s chest in a manner like a basketball jersey number, without the jersey though…the character’s action kind of resembles a basketball player, which happened by accident, but is very welcomed.

Materials: Thin cardboard, pens, markers, penny, glue, cutting blade. Sketched with pencil and used cutting blade for final drawing by peeling back a layer of cardboard on certain areas. The rubber stamp “Remove Before Use” was previously applied to the cardboard as it was once the backing used for packaging t-shirts and I worked around this to incorporate it in the art.

Size: 6 inches x 8 inches

About the Artist: Born to Missouri farmers during a late 1970s blizzard, DJG (aka: Danny J. Gibson, DJG Design, Dee Jay Gee or DJGKCMOUSA) is a critically acclaimed and prolific visual artist based in Kansas City, MO USA since 2002. Earliest influences include the apple on records by The Beatles, farming logos, sports team mascots, animals, movies, graffiti, handmade things, comic books, Jim Henson, ’80s culture and architecture. Mixing all that with a current state of context, DJG has been compared to in artistic dialogue, outlook and elusive (at times reclusive) work ethic, as well as feelings of personal kinship and spirit, to artists such as Ray Johnson, Henryk Tomaszewski, Ivan Chermayeff, Lester Beall, James Castle, Saul Steinberg, Edward Gorey, Seymour Chwast, Bill Traylor and Henry Darger…

Guided by deft eyes and hands at the respected school of design at Southwest MO State University (aka: Missouri State), DJG left studies prematurely to gather steady attention in the independent music art community for many years. Currently taking a significant step aside from music graphics to combine the present day-to-day of where the heart makes it with the gut in a constant stream of personal projects and selected commission work, DJG is simply making things in a variety of ways and enjoyment in a cramped basement beneath the heartland of America. Aside from art and intertwined within, DJG has labored as a farmhand, house painter, groundskeeper, janitor, mental health and office servant and also known to travel a bit, read and write a lot, shoot tons of photographs and watch many movies…

Honored and fortunate, DJG has received prizes, recognition, publication and exhibition internationally (North America, Europe, Asia, Eurasia…) in the visual and graphic arts, typography, writing, sculpture, film making and photography. Such notables include: Type Directors Club, Print Magazine, Step Inside Design, AIGA, Creative Grab Bag, 1,000 Music Graphics, 1,000 Supreme CDs, The Typed Image, The Anatomy of Design, The Little Book of Creativity, Pitch’s Best Posters in Kansas City, University of California at Davis, Baton Rouge Art Gallery, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Missouri State Fair, Missouri State Capital, National Public Radio, Frankfurt Germany Book Fair, Grafik Tasarim Turkey and DPI Taiwan…

To see and learn more about DJG’s artwork, you can explore his website DJD Design, view his Flickr page and follow him on twitter @DJGKCMOUSA. You can contact DJG at [email protected]

Price: This piece is not currently for sale: There are great reasons to purchase Penny Experiment art. If you would like to purchase The Mall of Fan #31 or other artwork from this 100 Penny Postcard Art series, please email me and I will put you on my list to inform when this series is for sale.

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