Ways You Can Help

Since starting Penny Experiment, I have been getting emails from people asking how they can help. Penny Experiment doesn’t accept money donations. If you would like to donate money, please donate it directly to your local food bank. If you feel that this experiment is worthwhile, here are a few simple things that you can do:

Coupons Needed: This is a list of current coupons that couponers need to get great deals at the stores. Printing these coupons and mailing them to us is the easiest way that you can help and will help us provide a lot more food to food banks at little cost.

Couponers: If you are a coupon blogger, we would love to have you use your skills to purchase food for your local food bank at no cost to you. Learn more.

Book Launchers: We are currently looking for people willing to launch “Penny for Your Thoughts” books into the world. Learn More.

Add Our Button: If you have a blog, consider adding the Penny Experiment button to it (look to your right) to let people know that you support Penny Experiment and so that more people can become aware of it.

Become A Fan On Facebook: If you are really motivated, you can take it even a step further and write something about Penny Experiment on your wall.

Follow Penny Experiment On Twitter and give a tweet from time to time to let your followers know about it.

Blog About Penny Experiment: If you have a blog or website, write a blog post about Penny Experiment. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to do an interview.

Become Inspired: The goal of this entire experiment is to show that an average person with little money can make a huge difference with a bit of creativity and a lot of determination. You can make a difference and I hope you are inspired to do so.

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