Coupons Needed

One of the easiest and most valuable ways that you can help Penny Experiment is to print online coupons that the super couponers can use to get great deals on food. The number of coupons each computer can print is limited, so the more people that help out, the more food we can get at huge discounts. Please feel free to tell friends or groups about this page so they can also print these coupons as well. If you use any of these products, print and use the coupons yourself.

These are the current coupons that Penny Experiment needs:

Cheerios: $1 off one box

Go to Begin with Cheerios (you must sign up) and you will be sent $1 off coupon (each of which can be printed two times) by email four times over the next couple of months. You will also be entered into a contest where you might win a free box of Cheerios. It is often possible to get these boxes for $0.25 – $0.50 a box with this coupon.

More Basic information

The first time you want to print an online coupon from each of the different companies (there are three major ones), you will need to download a coupon client onto your computer.

Most online coupons have a limit of one or two times that they can be printed on each computer.

Most online coupons have a designated number of prints from the Internet. When this number is reached, the coupon is no longer available to print. This means that the most valuable coupons often disappear quickly (sometimes in less than a day), so printing them promptly is essential.

Sometimes filling out information is required before you can print a coupon. If this is the case, I will note it by the coupon being requested.

If any of the above coupons are no longer available, please leave a comment so I can remove them.

Please send the coupons to:

Penny Experiment
10470 Orange Ave
Cupertino, CA 95014

This page will be updated several times a week. If you would like to be notified with each update, the easiest way is to follow Penny Experiment on twitter or become a fan on facebook. If you do not use these services regularly, leave a comment below and I will email you directly when I or other super couponers need coupons printed quickly.

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