A Call For Couponers

Some of the biggest unsung heroes for food banks are couponers. Couponers who are able to get food for a fraction of the price using coupons often are able to do the same thing for foods that they don’t use themselves. Many of these couponers donate their excess food to their local food banks on a regular basis. I’m looking for these couponers to help with Penny Experiment.

Now that we have sold a 50% stake in the penny postcard art for $1000, we have some money to buy food for foodbanks. The best way to get the most for that money is to utilize the skill and knowledge of couponers.

The process is pretty straight forward. Basically, the couponer will go out and get the best deals that you can for the least amount of money using her/his couponing skills and I will reimburse them for any money that they spend. The couponer will then take the food to their local food bank and donate it to them.

If you are a coupon blogger, this will be a wonderful opportunity to show off your couponing skills and it will make an interesting series of posts for your readers. You will get to provide food for those in need in your local community without having to spend a dime of your own money. In addition, by showing how you use coupons to get food at discounts, you can help inspire others to use your knowledge and methods to not only lower their own grocery bills, but to also donate excess food they purchase in the future.

If you are a couponer and this sounds like a project that you would like to help out with, please email me ([email protected]) and I will give you all the details that you will need to know. If you know someone who is great with using coupons, please feel free to send this information on to them.

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