10 Reasons You Should Buy Penny Experiment Art

Penny Experiment art has started to arrive and the first pieces will go up for sale next week. That means that you will have the opportunity to purchase some of this art, but you may be wondering if you really should. Just as there were a lot of good reasons to buy the original penny that I found, there are also plenty of great reasons to buy Penny Experiment art. Here are ten of them:

10. Link love (if you own a website) mention for purchasing the art.

9. You can claim superior foresight over your friends for being one of the few who were able to purchase one of these art pieces.

8. Whatever price you buy it for, many more times that amount worth of food will end up at food banks.

7. You can bask in the “coolness factor” of being one of only 100 people in the world to own one of these limited art pieces.

6. Superior Karma

5. A chance to have a piece of artwork with your favorite number on the wall.

4. The potential to make a nice profit when the $1 million worth of food goal is reached and you sell one of only 100 art pieces from the first series on eBay.

3. If you want a truly unique gift to give someone, it will be hard to beat this.

2. It comes with a great story making it a fantastic conversation piece whenever someone makes a comment about it on your wall.

And the number one reason that your should buy Penny Experiment art:

1. It’s an original, hand made piece of art signed by the artist and numbered on the back!

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