10 Reasons This Penny Is Worth $10

Unlike the teenagers that believed that this penny was worthless, the truth is that it does have value including a tremendous amount of potential value for those with a keen eye. To get this project rolling, the original penny I found is being sold for $10. Before you scoff, let me give you 10 reasons why this penny is worth $10:


penny tails

10. It’s the giving time of year.

9. You can claim superior foresight over your friends in finding unique ways to help those in need.

8. No Sunday morning hangover because beer money went to a good cause.

7. Link love (if you own a website) mentions for being the first to help in this project.

6. Fantastic marketing opportunity when stories about this project hit the press and they want to talk to the first person to participate in it.

5. Elevated Karma

4. You’ll make big bucks when the goal is reached and you sell the original penny on eBay.

3. You can bask in the “coolness factor” when you tell all your friends that you were the first to recognize what a great cause this is.

2. Good luck for you! (It was found heads up)

And the number one reason that this penny is worth $10:

1. It’s not one of those crappy copper-coated zinc wussy pennies.

If those reasons make sense to you and you want to participate in this penny experiment project, email me.

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