Penny For Your Thoughts Book #34 Launched

It has truly amazed me the number of people that have wanted to participate in this penny experiment. Even more amazing is that many of them live outside the US. Book #34 (there are still books numbers available if you would like to launch one into the world) was recently launched in Australia by Roxane Knott:

book 34 front

book 34 inside page

book 34 back

book 24 back cover

book 34 page 3

book 34 page 4-5

book 34 signing

This is the message that Roxane sent along with the notice of the launch:

Roxane KnottMy name is Roxane Knott and I am fifth generation Australian. I was brought up in the country, close to nature and taught to respect all living things; that everyone can make a difference, to never hold onto anything and to share what you have. I believe integrity and love is everything a person should be and this is reflected in my fortunate life.

I have swum with dolphins, sharks, stingrays and seals, slept under the outback stars mustering cattle on horseback for six months of the year. I have paddled on a surf ski for seven hours to an island just to prove that I could do it and I have watched the excited faces of desert dwellers seeing the ocean for the first time. I have been to places that still amaze me and met many incredible people. In truth, my life is inspired and unbelievable and I love to write.

This book is a reflection of Australia and the generous people that inhabit this continent. Every person has history, with every page of this book and on this website; you will be able to be a part of that history. If this inspires you, you might decide to be the person to own this book thus providing valuable resources to food banks.

If this does not suit you, find a cause close to your heart, no matter how small, and help anyway simply because you can. If you do decide to purchase this book, print out the Biographies to complete the book and its history thus giving what writers want – to make a difference and leave an honorable mark on this world. Enjoy the journey.

I can’t wait to see it in person and to share the entire book when it arrives…

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