Big Food Bank Delivery

I was long overdue to make a food bank delivery since it was getting difficult for me to walk around my room with all the cereal that was piled up:

food bank delivery

food bank delivery car

The food was taken to Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry. Most of the food was immediately taken to the front to be distributed (there was a long line of people out front waiting to get in and there always seems to be a shortage of cereal for food banks), but there was enough that it wouldn’t all fit up front and some got stored in the back room:

food bank drop off

Most of this was food that I had already accounted for with grocery store runs in the past. Although there haven’t been very good coupon deals the last couple of weeks, there were a few items that I did buy for the food banks. This included 8 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations sandwiches which were free after coupon:

deli creation receipt

and 4 Oscar Mayer hardwood smoked turkey franks which were also free (I also picked up some laundry detergent for myself in the transaction and that was where the $0.50 comes from):

turkey frank receipt

I also had another 4 packages of 4 Oscar Mayer hardwood smoked turkey franks that I donated from my Eating Well On $1 A Day Challenge that were free. In total I was able to purchase $44.64 for $0.00.

In addition, I recruited my dad (it is dangerous to live in my family) to do some cereal shopping a couple of weeks ago. He purchased 31 boxes of Corn Flakes, 9 boxes of Raisin Bran and 9 boxes of Rice a Roni which had a retail value of $157.60 for $6.50:

dad receipts

Both my and my dad’s purchases will be added to the growing Penny Experiment food purchased master list. With this latest food, Penny Experiment has purchased $13,724.39 worth of food for $575.99. This is another small step toward the ultimate goal of $1 million worth of food for food banks. There is now only $986,275.61 left to go…

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