Free Kashi Cereal

I sometimes get comments that the food that I donate isn’t always the most nutritious food. It is true that when sugary cereals go on sale and I can get them for free / nearly free, I will buy them. After talking with the coordinators of the local food banks, they would rather have the food than nothing at all. That being said, I also want to get the most nutritious food as possible and will always opt for the healthiest of the choices I have.

Since I have a bunch of catalina coupons still left over from other purchases that I will need to use up in the coming weeks, I decided to use some of them to buy Kashi cereal (something that even my sister would approve of). I had $1 off 1 peelie coupons for Kashi cereal that I found on the boxes and with last week’s cereal sale, that made them $1 per box. Then using the extra catalina coupons, they ended up being free. I ended up getting 4 boxes of Corn Flakes and 16 boxes of Kashi cereal with a retail value of $88.28 worth of food for $0.00:

free kashi cereal

kashi receipts

I still have a huge pile of cereal to take to the local food banks, but am currently house sitting, so I probably won’t get to delivering it until sometime late next week.

I will add this cereal to the ever growing Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Adding this latest food, Penny Experiment has purchased $13,522.15 worth of food for $569.49. This is another small step toward the ultimate goal of $1 million worth of food for food banks. There is now only $986,477.85 left to go…

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