Penny Experiment Update

Things have been a bit quiet for the last couple of months, but that wasn’t due to me forgetting about this project in any way. In fact, I embarked on a Eating Well ON $1 A Day Challenge which I hope will ultimately bring a lot more publicity to Penny Experiment (I’m currently on day 64 having spent $40.01 on food).

While I had initially hoped that the coupon bloggers would be able to help me get to the final goal (they have done a fantastic job and have already done more than their fair share in helping this experiment along), the reality is that they are quite busy with their own blogging and there are a limited number of them out there so I needed to come up with a new strategy.

That new strategy is to teach anyone that wants to learn how to greatly reduce their grocery bill how I have been able to eat well on $1 a day. In doing that, they will end up getting some food for free which they may not need, and they can then pass this food onto their local food banks. Since there are far more people that want to learn how to reduce their shopping costs than coupon bloggers, I am hoping that over time we can find enough people to help out that will eventually get Penny Experiment to $1 million worth of food donated to food banks.

I do have a backlog of updates to get up (more penny art work, penny for your thought books and updates and food bank deliveries) and hopefully you will being seeing multiple posts going up beginning this weekend. I just wanted to send a quick shoutout to all that have helped thus far that all the little things have added up (over $13,000 worth of food donated!) and it has been greatly appreciated. I hope that we can do even more in the months to come.

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