The Budget Mommy Buys $48 Worth of Food for Less Than $5

I’m so excited to welcome Amy, another couponer who has decided to participate in Penny Experiment with her blog The Budget Mommy. Please visit her blog to find all the other great deals she finds and shares. Amy made two shopping runs to get $48.48 worth of food for food banks for only $4.62 — a fantastic 90% savings.

the budget mommy food

the budget mommy food bank food

Amy’s shopping including purchasing the following food:

Celestial Seasonings Tea (1)
Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup (1)
Smart Taste Spaghetti (1)
Peter Pan Peanut Butter (2)
Oikos Yogurt (1)
Lenders Bagels (2)
Del Monte Veggies (8)
Kashi Frozen Entree (1)
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (2)
Hunt’s Pasta Sauce (2)
Muir Glen Organic Soup (2)
Green Giant Veggies (2)
Stacy’s Pita Chips (1)

These will all be included in our master list of food purchased for Penny Experiment. We are always looking for more couponers to show their skills, so please consider participating. If couponing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of others ways to help.

All couponers combined have now purchased $467.89 worth of food for $46.18. One more baby step taken and only $999,5321.11 left to go…

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