MoneyMate Kate First Purchase Is $45.90 For $0.00

It’s great to welcome another couponer that has decided to participate in Penny Experiment. Kate who writes the personal finance blog MoneyMate Kate (be sure to check out her informative post Supermarket Couponing for Non Couponers) took full advantage of CVS policies and coupons to purchase 10 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal with a retail value of $45.90 for free:


Kate was worried that she wouldn’t be able to participate in Penny Experiment because she wanted to give the food directly to families that she knows are in need of extra food due to their current financial situations. The whole theme of Penny Experiment has been to use creativity to help others and although the food is not technically going to a food bank, it is going to families that would likely use a food bank if it were more readily available to them, and that fits the criteria in my opinion.

The 10 Kellogg’s cereal boxes will be added to the master list of all the food purchased for Penny Experiment. If you are a couponer, we are always looking for more couponers to participate and always appreciate those that decide to help in any way they can.

Couponers have now purchased $716.86 worth of food for $72.97 which means we now only have $999,283.14 left to go…

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