Jack and Mandy Save 82% on Food Bank Purchase

It’s fantastic to have a new couponer join Penny Experiment. Mandy from Jack and Mandy did her first coupon shopping trip for Penny Experiment getting $31.42 worth of food for $5.73 for just under 82% worth of savings:

food pantry food

Mandy’s purchases included the following that have been added to our master list of food purchased

(1) Grande Tortilla Chips
(2) Sunny D Smoothies
(2) Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
(1) Quaker Instant Oatmeal
(2) Steamfresh Vegetables
(4) Hunts pasta sauce
(2) Gatorade G2
(2) Pillsbury crescent rolls
(1) Hormel Pepperon

If you are a couponer, we’d love to have you help as well. Even if you aren’t, there are plenty of ways for anyone to help. Adding Mandy’s purchases to our totals, Penny Experiment has now purchased $419.41 worth of food for $41.56. That also means another baby step has been taken and only $999,580.59 left to go…

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