First 10 Penny For Your Thoughts Book Participants

We have the first 10 people that will be launching Penny For Your Thoughts books into the world (that means we still need 90 more people to participate) which is exciting. I’m trying to get mine out there to a random person as I type this up. Here are the people that will participate in this phase of Penny Experiment:

1. me
2. Donna at Comfort Doll Blog
3. Lori Paximadis at Virtual Lori
4. Helen Kaelin
5. Kye at Dandelion Crown Studio
6. Susan Heim at Susan Heim
7. Amelia Lewis at Amelia L
8. Marguerite Colaizzi
9. Cindy McMath at Pink Bird Studio
10. Tamela at Tears of the Phoenix

Please email me if you are also interested in participating and please tell any acquaintances that you have who you think this project might appeal to. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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