Mayan Calendar #12 Penny Art

Mayan CalendarJennifer Bohdonnah

Penny art 12

Penny art 12 back

Inspiration: With the knowledge of the Mayan Calendar date in mind, the “Penny Experiment” is a great example of how collective, compassionate, positive intentions can manifest into something that creates healing and love for all.

About the Art: This spherical post card represents our solar system. The gold background, represents our sun and within the sphere, a labyrinth center with 9 smaller circles representing our planets coming into alignment on 12/21/12.

Mercury is the 1st small gold sphere, followed by the # 1 sphere representing Venus. (The planet Venus is also known as the feminine planet. She is given the #1 considering that female nurturing and compassion is greatly needed to heal our fragile planet earth at this time.) The 3rd metallic mirror circle represents Earth. This piece is meant to allow us, the viewer, to reflect on ourselves, our intentions and our actions at this monumental time for all. The center lotus represents COMPLETE balance and harmony. This is where the copper penny is to be placed. It represents the red planet Mars (also known as the male planet.) Balance is greatly needed for male and female creatures to live harmoniously as ONE. The next gold circle represents Jupiter, followed by Saturn, the ringed~planet (a 2nd metallic mirror circle is placed here to reflect the number 12, creating the illusion: 12, 21, 12 and infinity…) Next, is Uranus as the #2 circle (evenly spaced apart from circle #1 to create the balance and reflect the number 12 as previously described.) Neptune is the next small gold circle and finally Pluto, the small red circle completing our solar system as we know it.

The labyrinth I created seemed most appropriate to represent our solar system, as the labyrinth is a place to meditate, contemplate and reactivate our DNA. It is a belief that as the Mayan calendar comes to an end, we, as human beings will shed our old way of thinking and of destroying our planet. As we move into a higher consciousness also known as the ‘Age of Aquarius’, humanity will ‘wake up’ and heal ourselves, heal our planet and unconditionally love one another and all creatures known and unknown.

The significance of the number: As the end of the Mayan calendar approaches, I felt a strong urge to create a conscious piece of art with the number ’12’ conveyed within the piece; The end date of the Mayan calendar is known to be ~ 12/21/12.

Size: 6 inches x 6 inches

About the Artist: Jennifer Bohdonnah, an artist, muralist, writer, teacher & traveler has ‘created’ internationally for 20 years. She brings to life, bold, colorful pieces of art and unique stories that convey a love for nature, animals & a connection with all that is.

“I believe color, life and a interconnectedness between subjects should be expressed with love through my creative endeavors,” she says. “I want viewers to see with their hearts and be open to a love for all that we see on earth including ourselves.” The unique, whimsical paintings & stories enable people to feel the beauty, compassion & vibrancy Bohdonnah shares.

Jennifer Bohdonnah, who was born in New York, attended the Fashion Institute, NYC & has lived in Boulder, CO for 18 years where she received her fine arts degree from The University of Colorado.

She continues to create around the world; presently, residing between Branford, CT & The West Indies.

If you’re curious to find out more information about Jennifer’s artwork, you can see more at JBo Arts.

Price: This piece is not currently for sale: There are great reasons to purchase Penny Experiment art. If you would like to purchase Mayan Calendar #12 or other artwork from this 100 Penny Postcard Art series, please email me and I will put you on my list to inform when this series is for sale.

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