Penny For Your Thoughts Book 1/100

I am not artistic at all (one of the reasons I’ve asked others to help launch Penny For Your Thoughts books — hopefully those that choose to participate will do a much better job) and my “Penny For Your Thoughts” book reflects this reality. I had an old sketch diary that hadn’t been used for years, so I co-opted it for this Penny Experiment Project:

Penny for your Thoughts book 1

Penny for your Thoughts book cover

Inside the front cover I wrote the basic guidelines for this project so that anyone that ends up with the book will know what to do:

Penny for your Thoughts inside page

And then provided information where to send the book when it is finished so that I can share and sell it:

Penny for your thoughts book back page

I actually chose to write my thoughts in the book. I placed a single word on the top right corner of each page (70 pages in all) to share my thoughts, but I will keep them a secret for only those who happen to get the book until it returns back to me.

I’m really curious to see how this project works as there is always the possibility that the books will not return. In fact, most people that I have told the idea to have said that none of them will get back to me. For some reason, I have faith that the books will return and that the people that end up with the books will take good care of them. Plus I’ve received plenty of “that’s never going to work” on this entire Penny Experiment which I also have decided to ignore.

I plan to hand my book out to a stranger at an Internet cafe since Internet cafes are where I spend a lot of my time these days. It’s also where I was heading when the whole Penny Experiment came into being, so it seems an appropriate place to launch the fist book. I’m not sure yet if I’ll go up to a random stranger and give it to them or leave it on a table for someone to pick up on their own – still need to think about that a bit more. In any event, it’s exciting to see how this all turns out.

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