Food Delivered To Food Bank

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I have never been to a food bank before beginning Penny Experiment. I have never been a food bank advocate and I probably know less about how food banks work and how many they feed than most of the people that have visited this blog.

The main reason that donating to food banks even came to mind when I first found the penny was because I was at the store the day before with my sister and as we left, she made a point to say that the next time we went shopping that we should purchase some food to leave in the food bank collection barrel by the grocery store door. What I think it does show, however, is that even if you don’t know a whole lot about something, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help out.

So this afternoon, my dad and I loaded up the car with the food that I purchased from Safeway

Food in car

and delivered it to the Open Heart Kitchen in Pleasanton CA.

open heart kitchen

Evelyn at Open Hear Kitchen received the packages and took it all back into the storeroom to unload:

Evelyn Open Heart Kitchen

$62.67 worth of food to the food banks, $999,937.33 to go…

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