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Now the exciting part begins. With $1000 in the bank to spend on food for food banks, it’s time to see what our coupon bloggers can do with a little bit of money (if you are a coupon blogger and would like to help out Penny Experiment, we’d love to have you join the cause). I will also be trying to do my best with what I have been learning to find some good deals out there as well.

Here is a list of the coupon bloggers that have decided to participate and put their skills to work for their local food banks:

Shannon Fleming
Lauren McCants – Alexander who blogs at Palmetto State Saver
Amee & Renae who blog at Madame Deals
Sherry F who blogs at CooCoo 4 Coupons
Kristi who blogs at Spend Less and Save More
Carie who blogs at Carie’s Coins & Cents
Lauren and Giselle who blog at Saving Addiction
Holly who blogs at Mommies with Cents
Mandy Hornbuckle who blogs at Jack and Mandy
Stephanie Jamison who blogs at Coupon Clippin’ Mom
Kristi who blogs at Frugally Thrifty
Larisa Dixon who blogs at The Saving Sisters

I hope that you are looking forward to seeing the deals that they can get as much as I am while learning their techniques so that you can not only save a lot on your own grocery shopping, but so that you can also learn to get food for your local food banks at a fraction of its retail price.

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