Sitting Bull #1 Penny Postcard Art

Sitting BullSanna

Sitting Bull penny postcard art

Sitting Bull back

Inspiration / About the Art: When we think about our nation and all that we have, should we not consider where it came from and how good the American Natives treated us when we were hungry? Yet what do we do in response? We are often greedy and stingy. Instead of helping the poor we judge them and cause them to be hungry in a nation where food rots in our silos.

While searching for a subject and some quotes, I learned that Sitting Bull was a very generous man who, although his land was stolen from him, gave his money often to the poor. He thought it was a shame that a country as wealthy as ours could ever have anyone go without. I agree with him. So I thought it would be neat to find a picture of him and alter it a bit, and have Sitting Bull hold out a penny as an offering to us.

This art project is all about feeding the hungry, giving to the poor and saving pennies for others. I always love finding pennies and I adore penny art. I even have a neat collection of artist trading cards with pennies on them.

Try to remember not to judge when you see a hungry or homeless person. Instead if you can help them. We help other nations all the time, it’s time to help our own people as well.

Significance of the Number: I thought that being number one, I should make a special point about this country and its need to feed our own. What better subject than an indigenous famous Native American?

Materials: acrylics and micron pen. Then simply attached the Indian Head coin.

Size: 3 inches x 5 inches

About the Artist: Susan Burgess goes as by the name “Sanna” on her art. She received this name when she lived in Italy for 2 years. They shortened the name Susanna to Sanna. She thought it sounded more artistic than plain old Susan and thus adopted it as her art name.

Sanna has a Bachelors degree in fine art from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Mass. She also has a minor in Art History. After graduating she served a stint in the USAF and then met and married her husband of 21 years. She later received her Master of Science in Counseling in Human Development with the thought of combining the two degrees to be an Art Therapist. Instead, she is a stay at home mom of three male children, four cats and a dog! She loves all art, but is especially fond of anything mixed media.

To see and learn more about Sanna’s artwork, you can explore her blog at Sanna’s Art Mind and her Online Art Album.

Price: This piece is not currently for sale: There are great reasons to purchase Penny Experiment art. If you would like to purchase Sitting Bull #1 or other artwork from this 100 Penny Postcard Art series, please email me and I will put you on my list to inform when this series is for sale.

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