Madame Deals Saves 94% For Penny Experiment

Amee & Renae who run the Madame Deals blog had an wonderful week where they were able to purchase $53.14 worth of food for only $3.43 — an amazing 94% savings. The food that they purchased will be going to MACAA Food Pantry. Here is what they bought:

madame deals food

madame deals food 1

madame deals food 2

(2) Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
(1) Smart Start Cereal
(3) Canned Pineapple
(2) Ken’s Salad Dressing
(4) Cheese Nips
(6) Canned Pineapple
(2) Ken’s Salad Dressing
(1) All Bran Crackers
(2) Yakisoba Noodles
(4) Cheese Nips
(1) Sandwich Thin Bread

Although I am still learning, it has become apparent that if you can find a deal that is 80% off retail, you should grab as many as you can and if you can purchase food for 90% off of retail, you have found an amazing deal.

All of these will all be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list and with these additions, couponers have been able to purchase $1638.12 worth of food for $205.13. This is another tiny step to the goal of buying $1 million worth of food for food banks, and leaves Penny Experiment with $998,361.88 worth of food to go…

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