Saving My Sanity One Coupon At A Time Saves 100% For Penny Experiment

As I continue to learn how to use coupons to get the best deals, I find myself increasingly jealous of people that live in areas where the grocery stores double coupons. That is because they can get deals like Saving My Sanity One Coupon At A Time did recently when she purchased $61.26 worth of food for free (kind of hard to beat that). The purchase included the following:

saving my sanity food bank

(4) Nabisco Wheatthins Nutables
(2) Rold Gold 1lb bag Pretzels
(12) Jello Pudding Mixes
(1) Land o Lakes butter stick
(2) Danimals 6ct Yogurt Smoothies
(2) Quaker Rice Cake Snacks
(2) Dawn Direct Foam

All of these will all be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list. With the help of the coupon bloggers, Penny Experiment has been able to purchase $1699.38 worth of food for $205.13. This is another tiny step to the goal of buying $1 million worth of food for food banks, and leaves Penny Experiment with $998,300.62 worth of food to go…

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