Penny For Your Thoughts Book #22 Launched

Cara, who writes the blog The Friendly Frugalista, launched Penny For Your Thoughts book #22 into the world a few days ago:

penny for your thoughts book 22

The book included artwork from her daughter:

penny for your thoughts book artwork

The one thing that is becoming apparent with these books is that those that release them are having a difficult time doing so — especially when they are being left for complete strangers to find. I fully understood Cara’s feelings about releasing the book to the world:

I was ready to release it into the world. But, that’s just it. I wasn’t ready! I had invested my heart into the book and I didn’t know what to do with it. Should I give it to a trusted friend? Or leave it for a stranger? Who would thoughtfully–and expediently–invest their time in it and remember to send it on its way? Since my daughter and I were planning a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN, for a youth rally, I finally decided to leave it there. It would be far away and, presumably, in the care of strangers. I might never know what happened to it. And, that, in a strange way, relieved my fears. During our trip, I left it on a coffee table in the hotel lobby. Later that day, it was gone. I looked around to make sure it hadn’t been pushed aside to a nearly hidden place. Satisfied that it really was gone, I smiled and went on my way…

I hope it has found its way into the willing hands of another artist, poet, writer, or any other caring person willing to add to it and send it on. Perhaps someone will send Jeffrey an update on the book’s progress as it moves along. If not, we will all have to wait and wonder…wait and wonder…wait and wonder where it goes and how long it will take to make its way back to him…

I’m excited to see another book on its way and I’m still anxiously waiting for the first one to arrive back to me…

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