Feeding Four Makes A Food Donation

One of the most gratifying parts of Penny Experiment is when couponers email me to let me know that they have made a food bank delivery of all the food they have purchased. It means that all those that have put forth an effort and made a contribution to Penny Experiment with their time and skills have had a direct impact on the lives of some people that are currently experiencing difficult times. It is what Penny Experiment is all about.

Keli from Feeding Four took a trip to the Fulton County Food Basket to deliver the food she had accumulated over three weeks:

fulton county food basket

Even better, she took her son along to help out with the food delivery which I think would be a wonderful teaching experience:

delivering food to the food bank

It really was a big question of whether this entire experiment would actually work when I first started. At this point it seems to be a feasible way to get a decent amount of food to food banks for not a whole lot of cost. We’ll simply keep making those baby steps until we reach the goal…

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