Penny For Your Thoughts Book #21 Launches

I just received word from Jiya Sarma that Penny Experiment Penny For Your Thoughts Book #21 has now been launched. Camera trouble prevented a photo of the book, but the following information about the launch was included:

When preparing to launch this book, I dithered over what type of book would be best suited for a traveling art project. Ruled paper? Blank pages? My inner indecisiveness almost stalled the project even before it began. So, I decided not to decide. I selected a three-ring binder as the most flexible option – any type of material can be used, so long as holes can be punched in it. A binder also suited my self-imposed monetary constraints for the project as well. Since the Penny Experiment is about how to turn something with a small monetary value into a large fund, I felt that the cost-effectiveness of a binder fit that spirit the best. Besides, I had a coupon.

The question of how to launch the book caused further dithering. Leave it in a public place and hope for the best? Mail it to a relative or trusted friend? Host a party and ply everyone with sparkling apple juice in the hope of spurring witty remarks? Or just hog it all to myself, and fill the pages with my own random musings? Once again, I decided not to decide. I launched the book by sending an internet appeal, via facebook, gather and various message boards, and took for myself the role of preparing the first submission. I promise not to hog the ENTIRE book to myself.

The vision I have for this book is that it will turn out to be a fascinating mix of a little of this, a little of that, a lot of enjoyment and some surprises sprinkled in. But this is also an exercise in letting go, in allowing the book to grow spontaneously, without having a sole hand controlling its shape and outcome. I hope the result will be lovely, and completely unexpected. May its journey of creation be a joyful one. Best wishes to all who contribute, and all who enjoy this book.

I love the vision that Jiya has for the book as it comes close to the vision that I have for the entire “Penny For Your Thoughts” book project. It’s wonderful to see these books going out and I’m still extremely curious to see if any of them eventually make it back to me. For anyone that would like to launch a book, there are still plenty available.

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