Free Lunchables and More Cream Cheese

When the good deals come around, it’s the time to take full advantage of them since there is no telling when the next one will appear. With that in mind, I went on another Philadelphia cream cheese mini buying spree picking up another 230 packs. I just found out that this deal is active for another week, but the $0.55 off blinkie coupons are being taken down fast. This is what they look like for those not familiar:

blinikie machine

I should be able to get more this coming week, but how many will be determined on whether I can find any coupons on the store shelves since I have pretty much diminished my supply.

In addition, I found a great deal on Oscar Mayer Lunchables. They are closing out one of their Lunchable sandwiches and they have gone on sale for $0.99 (Breaded Chicken and Mozzarella). There was a $1 off coupon for Lunchables in the 3/21 SmartSource Sunday coupon insert and I was lucky enough to have 27 on hand making them free (and actually earning a penny on them):


I purchased the 20 above and then another 9 at a store near the food bank:

free lunchables

But it gets even better. Lunchables is currently running a catalina coupon campaign (the coupons that come out of the register) where you get $1.00 back for anything on your next purchase for each Lunchables that you buy. That meant that I actually earned $27.00 on future purchases:

paid to shop

1 dollar off coupons

Most of the time I was supposed to get money back when making these purchases, but whether I did varied on the mood of the cashier I happened to be buying from at the time — and with 21 trips through the grocery store lines, there was plenty of different reactions. In the end, I ended up buying $572.70 worth of cream cheese and $57.71 worth of Lunchables for a total of $630.41 worth of food for -5.34 (not counting the $27.00 in coupons I’ll use in future purchases)

Since 230 packs of cream cheese were pretty much taking over the refrigerator, I made another run to the Milpitas Food Pantry. I also had a bunch of extra Windex multi-surface cleaner that I picked up for nearly free (although donated to the Milpitas food bank, it will not count toward the food total):

off to food bank

windex multi-surface

Phily cream cheese

Karen was really happy to get the Lunchables since they make for very convenient food for the homeless that frequent the food pantry. They were immediately put into the refrigerator up front:

lunchables in fridge

The Lunchables and cream cheese will be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Couponers have now purchased $9374.83 worth of food for $471.27. This adds another tiny step toward the goal of $1 million worth of food for food banks, and means that there is only $990,625.17 left to go…

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