Feeding Four Joins Penny Experiment

It’s fantastic to welcome yet another couponer that has decided to participate in Penny Experiment. Keli who writes the Feeding Four blog made her first shopping trip and purchased $27.02 worth of food for $1.00. That’s an eye popping 96% savings and doesn’t even include the 2 first aide kits ($1.98 retail) which she also purchased and will give to a local homeless shelter. Visit her blog to see all the ways that she is able to feed her family of four on $50 a week:

feeding four food bank

The purchase consisted of 3 boxes of 6 Soy Joy bars which will be added to our ever growing master list of food purchased for Penny Experiment. We are always interested in having more couponers participate and show their couponing skills. There are also plenty of others ways to help if couponing isn’t your thing.

Adding this purchase to all the others, we have now purchased $494.91 worth of food for $47.18. Another baby step toward our goal and $999,505.09 left to go…

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