Chocolate Cheerio Man – How To Get Boxes for 25 Cents

I continue to prove that my couponing skills are still limited to cereal with my latest purchase of 6 boxes of Chocolate Cheerios and 2 boxes of standard Cheerios:

chocolate cheerios

Safeway in my area currently has many types of Cheerios on sale for $1.50 each when you purchase the boxes in groups of four. There is currently an Internet coupon available for $1.25 off one box of Chocolate Cheerios ($1.25 off 1 Chocolate Cheerios for Internet Explorer users, $1.25 off 1 Chocolate Cheerios for Firefox users – you should be able to print 2 of these coupons and the Safeway deal is good until Tuesday 2/9) meaning that if you have 2 computers, you can get 4 boxes of Chocolate Cheerios for $1.00. I had a couple if $1.00 off regular Cheerios coupons as well (if you don’t, $0.75 off coupons are available from and meaning I was able to purchase 8 boxes of Cheerios with a retail value of $32.72 for $2.50 — a 92% savings.

chocolate cheerios receipt

Of course, the register didn’t ring up the buy 4 discount, so it was another trip to the service counter where I was refunded the additional $8.00 that was due to me:

chocolate cheerios receipt adjustment

The cereal purchases will be added to the master list of all the food purchased for Penny Experiment. We are always looking for more couponers to participate in Penny Experiment and help out their local food banks. With these additions, couponers have now purchased $1031.07 worth of food for $115.44 (woohoo – we broke the $1000 worth of food barrier!). With this small step added to the others we now have $998,968.93 left to go to reach the $1 million goal…

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