Carie’s Coins & Cents Penny Experiment Purchases

Carie who writes the blog Carie’s Coins & Cents sent me an email letting me know that she has made 4 purchase runs for Penny Experiment over the last month. During these four shopping trips, Carie purchased $75.29 worth of food for $17.20, or a savings of 77% of of the retail value. This is what she purchased:

First Shopping Trip

carie purchase 1a

carie purchase 1b

carie purchase 1c

This trip include the purchase of:

3 Cheerio boxes
2 Campbell’s Soup cans
2 Nabisco Ritz crackers boxes
9 Hunts Tomato Sauce cans
2 Pasta Noodle bags
4 Corn Bread Mix boxes
2 Seasoning bottles
2 Rice dish bowls
1 Vegetable soup can

Second Shopping Trip:

carie purchase 2

This trip include the purchase of:

2 Quaker Oatmeal boxes
1 Chip bag
4 Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup cans
1 Cracker Pack box

Third Shopping Trip:

carie purchase 3

This trip include the purchase of:

2 Tuna pouches
2 Pancake mix boxes
2 Pasta Noodle packs
5 Vegetable cans
1 Nature Valley Nut Cluster pack

Fourth Shopping Trip:

Carie purchase 4

This trip include the purchase of:

1 Lipton Tea Bag box
2 Welch’s Grape Jelly jars
1 Theraflu box

All of Carie’s purchases will be added to the master list of all the food purchased for Penny Experiment. With these additions, couponers have now purchased $998.35 worth of food for $112.94 with $999,001.65 left to go to reach the $1 million goal…

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