The Budget Mommy Gets Paid To Buy Food

It still amazes me that it is possible to walk into a grocery store and walk out with bags of food and more money in your pocket. Amy from The Budget Mommy received money back on her fourth (and latest) shopping trip for Penny Experiment. She was able to purchase $43 worth of food for free and get $0.67 back from the store as well. This is what ended up in her grocery bags:

free food

6 Boxes Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal
1 Box Kashi TLC Granola Bars
1 Box Kashi Heart to Heart Crackers
1 Jar Prego Pasta Sauce
1 Can Hanover Green Beans
2 Boxes Oreo Cakesters
1 Kraft Mayo

All this food will be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Couponers have now purchased $6365.72 worth of food for $400.27 (The Budget Mommy has decided to use the money she gets back toward further Penny Experiment purchases which means the amount spent has been reduced — how great is that?) This is another small step toward the Penny Experiment goal of $1 million worth of food to food bank and leaves $993,634.28 to go…

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