Saving My Sanity One Coupon At A Time Latest Shopping Trip Saves 93%

DJ, who writes the blog Saving My Sanity One Coupon At A Time, made another run for Penny Experiment.She explains in detail how she purchased $36.54 worth of food for $2.45 — a wonderful savings of 93% off of retail value. The purchase included the following:

saving my sanity food purchase

(4) Arnold Bread Loaves
(2) Pedialyte Powder 4pks
(4) Medicated Chapstick
(2) Kotex liners
(2) Dial Bar Soap 3pk

These will all be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Couponers have purchased $1541.40 worth of food for $187.31. Penny Experiment now needs $998,458.40 to reach its $1 million worth of food goal…

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