Penny Postcard Art Sale Dilemma

I’ve had several artists email me and suggest that maybe the best way to sell the art isn’t on an individual basis, but to display it all as a series at an art gallery and then auction it off. This thought greatly appeals to me and comes with advantages, but it also comes with some problems.

The main advantage (other than it would be a damn cool art show and be a great opportunity to get the word out more about Penny Experiment) is that it would likely bring in a lot more money for the artwork than if I sell each on an individual basis. That would mean more money for the couponers to use which would mean more food for the food banks.

The main issue against this approach is time. I imagine it will be until the end of January before I receive all the pieces (and possibly longer if there are some cancellations). Combine that with the time to get the art show ready and it would mean several months before there would be any money to give to the couponers to begin buying food for the food banks. I’m hoping to get them started as soon as possible.

So I am currently looking for creative ways to possibly solve this dilemma, and placing a shout out to all to let me know their ideas on this topic.

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