Penny For Your Thoughts Book #29 Launched

It is always great news to hear that another Penny For Your Thoughts book has been launched into the world (please consider launching a book of your own). The latest to make its way into the world is book #29:

penny for your thoughts book 29 inside

penny for your thoughts book 29

penny for your thoughts book 29 back

This is what Stephanie Falcon, who launched the book, had to say about creating the book:

One of the reasons I was delayed in launching the book was that I couldn’t find the “right” notebook to make it out of. I had something really specific in mind and I just wasn’t finding it. In the end I settled on a composition notebook.

I wanted to do a decoupage and I just wasn’t feeling inspired by the comp. notebook. It sat in my backpack, waiting. After a while I came across a promotional item that was being given away at school. It was a little notebook. It had huge spirals and a very sturdy cover. I thought that this was the perfect notebook. Not only physically, but it was a free item, which fits the whole ideology of the Penny Experiment. Even the notebook pages were made of recycled paper.

I decided to continue with the recycling theme. I dug through my “scrap” paper drawer (I keep everything!) and found some lovely vintage wrapping paper scraps, and pages from a random found novel that were leftover from another project. The whole notebook was made of free and handy materials.

The aesthetic inspiration came from Alice in Wonderland, since I recently saw it in the theater. I wanted it to have a Victorian and whimsical feel.

I passed it on to a school friend of mine and already several people want the book next!

It is always interesting for me to hear how each person imagines the book that they launch and I am curious to see if that influence stays with it through its completion of if every person makes their own unique imprint with it. I am excitedly waiting to hear about the book during its journey and seeing it when it finally arrives to me…

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