Paid To Take Home $25 Worth of Food

It amazes what couponers can do, and it is a skill that I truly hope that I can master as I learn through this experiment. Lauren over at Palmetto State Saver did her first shopping trip for Penny Experiment and came away with $25.68 worth of food for her local food bank and was actually paid $0.11 by the store to take the food (yes, you read that correctly – the store gave her $0.11 plus all the food – check out how she did it). It included 4 Boxes of Nabisco Saltines, 2 Quaker Quick Oats and 4 (4) packs of FiberOne Yogurt:

free groceries

This means that Penny Experiment has now spent $3.89 while purchasing $102.41 worth of food for food banks. That takes Penny Experiment food bank purchases into three figures and is another baby step toward the goal of $1 million worth of food for food banks from a single penny found on the ground.

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