More Free Pillsbury and Scrubbing Bubbles

I went and picked up more Pillsbury pastries and Scrubbing Bubbles for free last Tuesday for the food bank:

food bank donations

Since it was a rather hot day, I decided to take them directly to the food bank where some were placed into the refrigerator:

Pillsbury at foodbank

and some onto the shelves:

scrubbing bubbles at foodbank

With coupons, the Pillsbury pastries were free:

Pillsbury receipt

I actually had to pay $0.92 for the Scrubbing Bubbles, but then received a coupon for $2.00 on anything on my next purchase making then a $1.08 moneymaker:

scrubbing bubbles receipt

Wash, rinse, repeat:

free food receipts

In total, I purchased 84 Pillsbury pastries and 84 Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners with a retail value of $536.45 for -$14.84 (that is correct, I got paid $14.84 to buy all of that which I can use for future purchases for Penny Experiment). This brings the combined total of what readers have donated and what I have donated to $18,420.07. If you would like to help out Penny Experiment, we’d love to have you participate. Not only will you be helping your local food bank, you will learn to save a significant amount on your own grocery shopping.

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