Maven of Savin’ Buys $245 Worth of Food for $3

It’s always wonderful to announce a first shopping trip for a couponer that has decided to participate in Penny Experiment. Lynn, who writes Maven of Savin’, started out her shopping with a bang by getting $245.39 worth of food for $3.06 (a 99% savings) on her first shopping trip:

maven of savin food purchase

Her purchases included the following:

30 bottles of Hunts ketchup
24 packages of Kraft Shredded Cheese
15 jars of Cains Mayo
8 boxes of Jose Ole Chimichangas
4 packages of Oscar Mayer Bologna

She then took it down to her local Dedham Food pantry:

dedham food pantry

These purchases will be added to the growing Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Couponers have now purchased $5465.72 worth of food for $385.48 — Only $994,534.28 to go…

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