Madame Deals Buys $95 Worth of Food at 86% Off

Wow. Renae and Amee of Madame Deals took four trips to the grocery store the past few days to gather $95.32 worth of food for only $13.70 for Penny Experiment and a 86% savings off of retail price.

food bank food 1

food bank food 2

food bank food 3

food bank food 4

That adds up to a lot of food which includes the following:

(2) Turkey Hill Iced Tea
(6) Dannon Yogurt
(2) Healthy Choice Soups
(2) Martha White Muffin Mix
(6) Rice-A Roni
(9) Maruchan noodles
(1) Beech-Nut Baby Snacks
(6) Healthy Choice Soup
(1) Uncle Ben’s Rice
(3) Jell-o
(8) Special K Cereal
(2) Hungry Jack Potatoes

You know that after accomplishing something like that, only a couponer would come to the conclusion that they had done well, but “we could have done better.” I’m very pleased with the results no matter what they think 🙂

Adding the $95.32 worth of food to the Penny Experiment totals, couponers as a group have purchased $392.89 worth of food for $36.73.This means that there is now only $999,607.11 left to go…

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