Another Food Bank Donation

It’s always great to hear about the couponers taking the food that they have purchased to their local food banks. Jenny Ward recently took her haul to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina:

North Carolina food bank

jenny food bank receipt

I had a great time bringing the food over to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC. They weighed the Food and it was 64 pounds which was determined to be 54 meals!

He asked where the food came from and I explained I was a couponer and that it was all from me. He was amazed and what I could do with so little cash. I told the Director, who helped us, about your cause and he wrote it on the receipt because he wanted to check it out.

We brought my girls and they were in awe at the warehouse. It was a great lesson for them. –Jenny Ward

It’s great that so many of the couponers are having their kids help out. It’s a great lesson and hopefully the habit of giving to others will be passed on to the next generation. I can’t wait to hear about more donations in the coming weeks…

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