Another $1000 Worth of Food for the Food Bank

As I mentioned before, even though it was going to be impossible to top the Kellogg’s cereal buy last Wednesday, there were a lot of great deals to take advantage of this week. I spent most of Sunday driving around hitting as many Safeway stores as I could to continue to take advantage of them. I ended up with $1057.10 worth of food for $54.50 (a savings of 95% over regular retail value) and another car full of food to donate to Tri Valley Haven food pantry:

car full of food

I continued to find boxes of Post Raisin Bran with coupons inside them, so I kept buying them, taking the cereal out of the boxes, placing it into large plastic bags, and cutting out the coupons so I could go and buy even more cereal:

raisin bran boxes

raisin bran inside packaging

raisin bran in bags

raisin bran coupons

The Raisin Bran taken out of the boxes ended up filling 4 large plastic bags with about 20 Raisin Bran packages in each one:

raisin bran bags

Then there were all the Raisin Bran boxes that didn’t have coupons on them that were purchased:

Raisin Bran boxes in car

raisin bran boxes in car side

The bags and boxes combined came to 140 boxes of Raisin Bran donated. In addition to the Raisin Bran, I had an anonymous reader send me a bunch of Quaker Oat Square cereal coupons (thank you so much) which allowed me to get 50 boxes for free (Quaker Oat Squares was on sale for $1 each when you purchased 5 and the coupons were for $1 off one package). These were also loaded into the car:

quaker oat squares

The other purchases were for Betty Crocker fruit snacks. There were a lot of coupons available on the Internet and I had access to more from a past Sunday paper insert. These were on sale for $1.00 each when five were purchased. The coupons brought the price down to $4.00 and then there was a $3.50 Catalina coupon (register coupon) that printed making the price $0.10 for each box. I ended up purchasing 100 boxes of these fruit snacks which filled the car:

betty crocker fruit snacks

To make it all work required 34 trips through the cash register line at about 15 different Safeway stores (again, the managers of the stores all knew what I was doing and gave their approval and I always made sure to leave food on the shelves so that other customers could get the deals as well):

34 cash register receipts

These were all taken down to Tri Valley Haven food pantry and dropped off:

tri valley haven food bank delivery

tri valley haven food pantry delivery

All of these will be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Penny Experiment couponers have now purchased $4617.60 worth of food for $354.38. This is another small step toward the goal of getting $1 million worth of food for food banks with only $995,382.40 to go…

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