Nature’s Path Organic Rocks!

It is amazing what happens when you just commit to doing something. It is a lesson that I am learning time and again since starting Penny Experiment on the spur of the moment and without a lot of thought on how I would do it. When you commit to doing something, you stop thinking about how you might do it and start trying anything and everything to actually accomplish it. Being an introvert, this has been a double challenge for me forcing me to get out and do more things that I would normally do on my own. This is a good thing.

One of the goals I recently set for the next year was to find a way to get 250 eco friendly shopping bags for a local food bank that wants to ween the people that come and get food off of plastic bags and be more environmentally friendly. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to accomplish this and it was one of the goals I have had the most anxiety thinking about since I had no real plan on how I would be able to accomplish it. I took a huge step in the right direction this weekend while attending BlogHer Food 2010.

One of the vendors at the event was Nature’s Path Organic Foods. Anyone that followed my eating well on $1 a day for 100 day challenge knows that when it comes to peanut butter, I have a soft spot that will make me do things that I wouldn’t normally consider doing to get hold of it. As casually I possibly could (unfortunately, it was pretty damn obvious considering I was one of only a handful of men at the event), I stopped by their booth time and again to “sample” their Peanut Choco chewy granola bars (we won’t even go into how addicted I am to these now). In addition to all the food samples they were giving away, they also were handing out eco friendly shopping bags to attendees.

As the end of the conference approached, I got up the courage to explain about Penny Experiment and that one of my goals this year is to provide 250 eco friendly bags for a local food bank (since I now felt that we had become friends due to my many visits to their vendor table). Before I even finished explaining, Nature’s Path handed me 100 of their eco friendly bags without a hint of hesitation (and huge smiles on their faces wishing me luck with Penny Experiment)

Nature's Path Organic Food eco bags

The staff of BlogHer also rock (as a side note, if you are a female blogger — or male for that matter — this organization will provide you with so much help and support that I can’t recommend joining them enough). When I explained to them about my need for the eco bags, they happily donated all the unclaimed bags for the conference attendees as well. In the end, I was able to gather 121 eco friendly bags for Milpitas food bank which means I have already come close to half the goal I set.

eco friendly bags

I can’t thank both these organizations enough for their willingness to help. I still have 129 eco bags to find to reach my goal and although I have a few ideas, I would love to hear any ideas from readers on how they would go about securing more free eco bags.

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7 Responses to Nature’s Path Organic Rocks!

  1. Mandi says:

    I volunteered to be a team captain for my local Heart Walk this year. At their kick off breakfast there was a table full of information. Brochures, posters, etc. We were encouraged to take as much as we wanted and were given reusable bags from Metropolitan Market to put it all in. I wonder if other stores with branded bags (Fred Meyer, Albertsons, etc.) would be willing to donate a case for a good cause (and good press).

  2. Sara says:

    Conferences are a great way to get extra bags. You could check with conference managers or hotel meeting coordinators and see if they have extras at the end of their events. All the conferences I’ve been to have had hundreds of bags left over at the end.

  3. roxie says:

    This is fantastic to get these bags already! I am sure that you will be able to come up with the rest in short order. Reusable bags seem to be quite a marketing tool for stores these days.

  4. Lael Hazan says:

    BRILLIANT idea! Well done and I’m sure they were happy for the free advertising. You created a winning situation for all.

  5. Colleges, high schools, and elementary schools have had canvas bags with their logo on them. I have a bag from a neighborhood watch. Medical suppliers have logo canvas bags. Check for wholesale suppliers of canvas bags sans logo–the kind crafters decorate themselves. You never can tell who might give you another stack of bags or just another dozen. Good luck! Oh, you might check with manufacturers of canvas bags or printers/screenprinters for their mis-screened ones. Bags that are seconds (sewingwise) with a handle a bit crooked might be donated. But, the suggestion about the grocery stores was a good suggestion.

  6. Bills Beloved says:

    I’ve picked up bags at the MN State Fair. With my husband and 2 sons along, we picked up 4 each from 4 different vendors. Each spring ( for 6 years now I think) a Living Green Expo is hosted at the State Fair grounds. We have gotten lots of bags there also.
    This year the suburb we live in (near Minneapolis, MN) hosted their first Green Expo. When we walked in the door, we were given a large reusable bag from the city’s Recycle Dept. After reading your “eating well on a dollar a day”, I started helping at our church’s food pantry. They needed bags so I called the city’s recycle dept and asked. All they wanted to know was, where was the church located (it is in the same city) and how many did we need. I was able to go pick them up right away and they gave us 50. We were very thankful.

  7. EmLue says:

    Hy-Vee has a sale on them right now. I think 5 for $1? I’d try some of the other places commenters listed first, but if you’re down to just needing a couple Hy-vee might work out better.

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