Call For Artists

There is currently a need for artists to launch “Penny For Your Thoughts” books.

There will also likely be other art projects in the future, so please sign-up for the rss feed, follow on twitter or become a fan on facebook. There also may be some cancellations. If you want to be considered if there is a cancellation, please email me.

11 Responses to Call For Artists

  1. Kyla Springer says:

    Do you still need more artists for this project? I’d be happy to lend my skills and passion for reducing food insecurity. Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, the found money art project is ongoing and will continue until the $1 million worth of food is reached.

  3. Cherry Carver says:

    Wild animals are dying because of human encroachment into their territory, yet you want to feed more people? The planet cannot support the people who are already on it. Human beings are like cockroaches. They will always find food and survive. Do something to help animals and GIVE THEM A VOICE! Until then, I’ll save my pennies, thank you.

  4. Judi Middleton says:

    Cherry Carver ~ I totally agree about helping the animals, but we are clever and strong enough to help both them and humans. You start something to generate $$ for animals, and I’ll be right there, as well. Meanwhile, I’ll be helping to feed the two-legged creatures.

  5. we don’t have pennies in our side of the world, but every now and then, im told i have a flair for art and i would want to contribute.

    if you want my contribution id be happy to help. although, in our third world country, a penny is worth a lot. still, we see hunger everywhere…

  6. Ashley says:

    To Cherry Carver:

    There are a lot of issues all over the globe to cover. I personally am an advocate for animals. I follow the Humane Society’s battles consistently and make sure to raise awareness in my community about animal rights.

    I think that you would be very unwise to knock another charity organization around to benefit your own cause. If you could feel the pain of a mother who is unable to feed her children, you may be more likely to support this cause.

    I appreciate you taking the time to come to the site, but I feel that your approach toward it was callous and uncalled for.

  7. Barbara says:

    “Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!”

    author, unknown

  8. Kineta says:

    Cherry Carver,
    It’s a well known fact that poverty increases the number of children that people have. Significant reasons for this are that having numerous children is a reaction to high child mortality rates to insure enough offspring to survive. Also, in cultures where there is no social safety nets like pensions or Social Security, having large families is the only hope to be taken care of in old age.

    Hunger, lack of education, poverty – all these things actually lead to over population, rather than reduce it.

  9. Mirage says:

    I loved the idea of eating, and eating well for $1 a day, but am even more impressed with collecting so much for local food banks. In regard to helping animals versus feeding people, if someone has to choose between buying food for their child or buying food for a pet, the child will always come first. There are many people with pets who due to circumstance have to let them go. If we help those people when times are tough, we are helping them keep their beloved pets as well. Many pets currently being left at the humane society are because the owners have hit hard times themselves. Help your community and you will help the animals in your community as well. Not to mention I am sure you could use some of the practices discussed here to get discounted or free pet supplies to donate to your local shelter, humane society or rescue organization. Keep the love and the charity in your heart and we all win.

  10. Have you thought about an Art blog where artists donate part of profit? I would definitely post to it

  11. admin says:


    Great idea!

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