Free Kashi Cereal

I sometimes get comments that the food that I donate isn’t always the most nutritious food. It is true that when sugary cereals go on sale and I can get them for free / nearly free, I will buy them. After talking with the coordinators of the local food banks, they would rather have the food than nothing at all. That being said, I also want to get the most nutritious food as possible and will always opt for the healthiest of the choices I have.

Since I have a bunch of catalina coupons still left over from other purchases that I will need to use up in the coming weeks, I decided to use some of them to buy Kashi cereal (something that even my sister would approve of). I had $1 off 1 peelie coupons for Kashi cereal that I found on the boxes and with last week’s cereal sale, that made them $1 per box. Then using the extra catalina coupons, they ended up being free. I ended up getting 4 boxes of Corn Flakes and 16 boxes of Kashi cereal with a retail value of $88.28 worth of food for $0.00:

free kashi cereal

kashi receipts

I still have a huge pile of cereal to take to the local food banks, but am currently house sitting, so I probably won’t get to delivering it until sometime late next week.

I will add this cereal to the ever growing Penny Experiment food purchased master list. Adding this latest food, Penny Experiment has purchased $13,522.15 worth of food for $569.49. This is another small step toward the ultimate goal of $1 million worth of food for food banks. There is now only $986,477.85 left to go…

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5 Responses to Free Kashi Cereal

  1. stacy says:

    Did I tell you that vons/safeway has 4 dollars off of 4 boxes of cereal and that captain crunch, life and kellogs cornflakes end up being 1.00? and there was a 50 cent off coupon which doubled so I did get one box free and then I had 1.00 off 2 of the more expensive cheerios and got those for 2.00 so I spent 3.00 on 4 items.
    Where do you get yr extra coupons? Our store rarely gives out decent catalinas and with only one coupon it barely makes a dent.

  2. admin says:

    I look for coupons everywhere I can. Safeway / vons has a lot of catalinas. The Kashi coupons were peelies (they were actually on the boxes of cereal). I go to a coffee shop every Sunday morning and collect the coupon inserts from the papers that people leave behind (that usually gets me between 3 -5). Then I also walk on recycle day and take inserts that people have thrown out which can net me anywhere from 20 – 40. I look at that as my exercise for the day 🙂

  3. Katherine says:

    Wow this is amazing; I love that you are doing this project!

  4. Mary Jo says:

    I understand what you are saying about the sugary cereals. Obviously there are healthier cereals out there but it is surprising how many cereals you would think are “healthier” actually have more sugar than the fun cereals. For example, Raisin Bran has more sugar than most “sugary” cereals.

  5. Nellie says:

    Have you tried contacting Kashi through their website? They donate Kashi cereal samples and granola bar samples to events all the time. They have a donation form to fill out. Or you can just email them and ask for any coupons they could provide for the cause.

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