A Call For All Artists

All numbers for the 100 Artist Penny Postcard Series have been taken, but you can still participate. I’m currently looking for artists to launch “Penny For Your Thoughts” books.

There will also likely be other art projects in the future, so please sign-up for the rss feed, follow on twitter or become a fan on facebook. There also may be some cancellations. If you want to be considered if there is a cancellation, please email me.

That penny that others thought was worthless has a buyer who decided that my 10 reasons why this penny is worth $10 were just too good to pass up. The penny was purchased by Conna Craig who is a researcher and writer on foster care and adoption.

Conna actually lives in an area fairly close to where I will be in another two weeks, so we have decided to do the transaction in person in early December instead of through the mail with photos — and maybe even a video. Those I will post when they are available.

That means that the penny experiment has $10 to work with and it’s time to move onto the next stage:

I’m looking for artists that would be willing to donate a bit of their time and talent for the penny experiment project. What I’m hoping to find is 100 different artists who will each create one postcard size piece of art that incorporates a number of their choosing (between 1 and 100) and a penny. In return, the artist will get (if desired) a bio on this website under the image of their artwork, a link to their own website and the knowledge that they helped out a lot of people in need during these difficult economic times.

The size of the art should be somewhere between 3 inches x 5 inches and 5 inches x 8 inches (a small to large postcard) on postcard type material incorporating both a real penny and the number that you choose. The style, color scheme, etc is completely up to you.

The art will be sold with 100% of the money going to purchase food for food banks. If this sounds like something in which you would like to participate, please contact me with five (5) numbers in order of preference that you would like to use for your art (you will only use one of these numbers, but this will allow me to assign one if some have already been taken). Please also feel free to contact me or leave a comment with any questions that you may have.

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29 Responses to A Call For All Artists

  1. Hello,

    What a beautiful idea! I’d love to participate if there’s still a need.
    The number I love is 7. Next in line would be 10, 12, 21 & 35. Please let me know if any of these #’s are available.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Bohdonnah

  2. I have to have #50.
    My idea is starting to brew…..

  3. Laura Slota says:

    I have some ideas for this. Let me know about these numbers: 80,,29,75,70

  4. admin says:

    All artisits that left comments here should have been contacted by me through email and your numbers confirmed.

    Jeffrey Strain

  5. Anna Cole says:

    Hello, I’d absolutely love to be part of this awesome project! For now, I’ll select numbers 21, 9, 70, 45, and 95. Looking forward to this!

  6. Anna Cole says:

    Actually, my preference is for 94 or 95… I have a perfect idea for those numbers! But if they’re take, I’ll take one of the others I just mentioned.

  7. admin says:

    Email sent

  8. Sheila Tajima says:

    72 is my only choice. If I cannot have that one, you may assign me anyone you wish. When is this project due? Are there any completed ones that we can see?

  9. admin says:

    @Sheila Email sent with further information. One example can be seen here: http://www.pennyexperiment.com/create-change-46/

  10. Tricia Pinkert-Branner says:

    I would love to do this. sounds super fun!! numbers i would like: 95, 41, 43, 45 or 49. thanks!!

  11. admin says:

    @Tricia – have emailed you with all information.

    Jeffrey Strain

  12. janet heritage says:

    i would love to be part of the penny project…
    here are the numbers i would prefer,
    please let me know what number you would like for me to work with

  13. admin says:

    @janet – I have emailed you with all the information

    Jeffrey Strain

  14. David Bois says:

    Wicked! My friend Julienne just put this on my radar screen–love it! Would love to play along, do not have a preferred number. Assign me, please! Best, Dave

  15. admin says:

    @David – email with information sent to you.

    Jeffrey Strain

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  17. Or number I would like: 60,65,75,79,85

  18. ryk shadix says:

    I would love to do a piece for the cause, just send me a number i am not picky.

    when do you need the finished piece?

    thanx ….ryk

  19. admin says:

    @ Natalia @ryk – Emails with more information sent to both of you.

    Jeffrey Strain

  20. Paul Curtis says:

    I’d love to help… what a great idea! Any number will be fine…

  21. admin says:

    @Paul I have sent an email with number and further information.

    Jeffrey Strain

  22. Blanca Biladeau says:

    I would like penny no. 68, or 65 or 85 or 58…or whatever is left!

    Blanca and e.

  23. admin says:

    @Blanca – I have emailed you with further information and your number.

    Jeffrey Strain

  24. Helen says:

    If you are still looking for artists, I would love to chip in and help out.

    Out of those numbers left, I’d take 43, 58, 65, 75, 85


  25. admin says:

    @Helen – email has been sent off and your number.

    Jeffrey Strain

  26. Stacy says:

    I would love to participate…I would like you to choose the number you would like.

    Fantastic idea…wonderful I would be honored to be a part of the project!

  27. admin says:

    @Stacy – email has been sent with your number and information.

    Jeffrey Strain

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  29. Lindita says:

    It’s such a shame that I learned about this project so late!, also I live in mexico so I don’t know how could I help to the project. But if something comes up I would love to participate.

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