Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis This Week

If you have a Safeway near you, you can take advantage of a sale this week where you can get free Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese mini 4 packs with coupons. Even without coupons, they are only $0.49 each when you buy five. I just bought 145 4-packs (I bought these at 7 different stores so that there was always enough for others to also do this deal) with a retail value of $361.05, and the stores paid me $1.40 to do so:

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese minis

Philadelphia cream cheese minis

Philadelphia cream cheese minis 4-packs

This week through April 27, Safeway has a deal where if you buy 5 Kraft cheese products, you get $5 instantly off your purchase. The Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese mini 4 packs are currently marked at $1.49 each. When you buy five, you get $5 instantly off making them $0.49 each or $2.45 for five. In many Safeway stores, there is a blinkie coupon dispenser right where the Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese mini 4 packs are being sold for $0.55 off one (I went to 7 different Safeway stores and all had the blinkie coupon dispenser, but 2 of them were out of coupons so they may or may not be available). You can take five of these coupons and when you use them it means that Safeway actually pays you $0.30 when you buy five (there is also a $0.50 off 1 coupon last Sunday’s newspaper SmartSource coupon insert – if you can get hold of five it makes it free)

Safeway receipts

free Philadelphia cream cheese receipt

If you are buying other items along with this deal, you should have no problem. Since I was just buying these, some of those working the cash register refused to give me any money back while others did. It ended up that I got back $1.40. That means that you can pick these up for free for yourself or donate them to your local food bank at no cost if they have refrigerator space.

My deal was even better. There was also a catalina coupon (the ones that come out of the cash register) running today for $0.75 off your next purchase (unfortunately, this deal ended today and you can make money — but you can still get the Kraft cream cheese for free). So in addition to the $1.40 in cash I received, I also received $28.50 worth of coupons I can use on any food purchase in the future. Together, I basically was paid $30 to buy 145 packs of cream cheese.

75 cent off coupons

catalina coupons

Not bad at all. These all will be added to the Penny Experiment food purchased master list. The combined effort of all the couponers has been able to purchase $8370.92 worth of food for $481.16. This is another small step toward the goal of $1 million worth of food for food banks — only $991,629.08 left to go…

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