The Budget Mommy donated $48.48 to local food banks

Items Donated:
Celestial Seasonings Tea (1)
Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup (1)
Smart Taste Spaghetti (1)
Peter Pan Peanut Butter (2)
Oikos Yogurt (1)
Lenders Bagels (2)
Del Monte Veggies (8)
Kashi Frozen Entree (1)
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (2)
Hunt’s Pasta Sauce (2)
Muir Glen Organic Soup (2)
Green Giant Veggies (2)
Stacy’s Pita Chips (1)

Spent: $4.62
Retail: $48.48
Blog: The Budget Mommy

The Budget Mommy had this to say: I am adding my first two contributions! I am sorry in advance for the terrible quality of the pictures. In a former (read pre-kid) life, I was a photographer. I just haven’t found the money to upgrade to a digital SLR, so for now you’ll have to suffer with these pics!

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