Palmetto State Saver donated $43.60 to Helping Hands of Goose Creek

Items Donated:
Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal (5)
Kashi Granola Bars (1)
Beech-Nut Baby Food (20)
Starkist Tuna (4)
Muir Glen Tomato Paste (2)
Thai Kitchen Noodle Dinners (2)

Where: Helping Hands of Goose Creek
Spent: $1.40
Retail: $43.60
Blog: Palmetto State Saver

Palmetto State Saver had this to say: I am 100% positive that without coupons, we would never be able to donate this much for our community. People from all walks of life may, at one time or another, need the help of their local food bank to make ends meet. The elderly are on a fixed income – one extra trip to the doctor’s office may mean that there isn’t enough money for groceries. Families with children may be struggling due to the lack of jobs available, and they shouldn’t have to choose between feeding their kids and paying the electric bill! These are the things I talked about with my son and my nephew today on the way to the food bank, and explained how it works.

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