Maven Of Savin donated $147.28 to Dedham Food Pantry

Items Donated:
cereal (42)

Where: Dedham Food Pantry
Spent: $0.00
Retail: $147.28
Blog: Mavin of Savin’

Maven Of Savin’ had this to say: Though I think it is important to get great deals for your family and donate to those who need it, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN BEING SELFISH! I realize that some readers had trouble getting cereal at Stop & Shop this week because some couponers had bought 200 boxes “to donate” but still it made it impossible for other shoppers to get in on the deal. I do not think that is the proper way to coupon or donate — THAT IS MY OPINION ONLY. If you are going to buy that much, you need to work with store management to get a special order!

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