Madame Deals donated $95.32 to MACAA Food Bank

Items Donated:
Turkey Hill Iced Tea (2)
Dannon Yogurt (6)
Healthy Choice Soup (2)
Martha White Muffin Mix (2)
Rice-A Roni (6)
Maruchan noodles (9)
Beech-Nut Baby Snacks (1)
Healthy Choice Soup (6)
Uncle Ben’s Rice (1)
Jell-o (3)
Special K Cereal (8)
Hungry Jack Potatoes (2)

Where: MACAA Food Bank
Spent: $13.70
Retail: $95.32
Blog: Madame Deals

Madame Deals had this to say: Not only are the couponers helping their local communities, they are also learning more about them: I had the pleasure of meeting with one of our loyal followers, Mary, for coffee last week. Mary informed of the extreme poverty in certain areas of Fluvanna county. I had never been to the towns she spoke of. I really had no idea of the poor conditions that some people live in right in our backyards.

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