First Art Projects Should Be Arriving Soon

Although there are still spaces available for artists that want to participate in the Penny Experiment, the first finish artwork pieces should be arriving to me any day. I’ve had several artists contact me to let me know that they have finished and that their project is in the mail. I’ve been excitedly checking the mail each day to see if they have arrived.

There has also been some confusion about how the Penny Experiment works. A large part of that is due to the fact that this experiment began before any detailed plan on how it could be achieved was formulated, so I have been making it up as I go. That being said, the basics of how I hope to achieve the goal of getting $1 million worth of food is now in place and I have a link called “How It Works” in the sidebar to try and lesson any confusion there may be.

I have also created a list of easy ways that people can help even if they aren’t artists. If you feel that this experiment is worthwhile, I hope that you will take the time to do a few of them.

I’m looking forward to trying to fill the rest of the artist spots in the coming weeks, as well as begin the new phase of selling the art pieces that have been created when they arrive.

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