Delivering Nearly 700 Boxes of Cereal

With nearly 700 boxes of cereal stacked at home, I needed to get them to the food banks as soon as possible. Last Saturday I made the first attempt to clear some of them out by packing up the old Honda Civic to the brim:

food bank trip car side

food bank trip car packed

food bank trip car trunk

Since it was a Saturday, there were a lot of student volunteers working at the Milpitas food bank, and they were able to clear out the car quite quickly:

food bank trip unloading

And in no time they were stacked on the shelves in the back room:

food bank food on shelves

food bank cereal on shelves

I knew that it would take several more trips in the Civic and the food pantry is a fairly long drive away, so I waited to make the next trip until Tuesday when I could have use of a bigger SUV. There were still plenty of boxes to take:

cereal still to go

So we filled up the SUV for another run to Milpitas Food Pantry:

packing the SUV

SUV side view

Since it wasn’t a Saturday, there weren’t a lot of student volunteers to help unload, so we did it ourselves:

unloading at food bank

Karen with some of the cereal

Once this delivery was over, we headed back to fill the SUV one more time with the remaining cases of cereal:

a third car load

My dad took this load to the Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry near his home. I have now cleared everything that I had stored and will begin looking for more deals that will eventually make their way to local food banks.

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