22 Packs of Trident Gum for Free

While I was buying 225 boxes of fruit snacks, I noticed a display near one of the cash registers for three new types of Trident Vitality gum: Vigorate, Rejuvenate and Awaken. On this display was a tearpad with buy one get one free coupons (up to $1.69 value) on it (I only found this display at one of the Safeway stores I visited, but it is worth keeping your eyes open for) and Safeway is currently having a sale of this gum through 3/15 of buy one get one free. Using the coupon with the current sale means free gum:

I ended up getting 22 packs of gum worth $28.38 for free which will go to the food bank since I rarely chew gum. Readers and I have now donated over $42,000 worth of food to local food banks. If you would like to participate, I’d love to have you join. Not only will you be able to help your local food bank, you will learn to save quite a bit of money on your own grocery shopping.

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